Charter of Henry VI 1453

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Charter of Henry VI 1453, held at Dorset History Centre (DC-PL/A/1/6). Charter granting the privilege of holding a market on Thursday and two annual fairs on the Feast of the Apostles Philip and James [1 May] and the seven days following and All Souls Day [2 Nov] and the following seven days, with the right to hold a court of Pie Powder to settle any disputes arising from the market or fairs. Associated documents: Letters patent (DC-PL/A/1/6/1); 19th Century translation of the 1453 Henry VI charter with contemporary amendments (Dc-Pl/A/1/6/2); Extract from a copy of the charter of Henry VI 1453, with a memoranda regarding the ownership of property, mentioning John Keynes, William Lapp, Thomas Hayward and Thomas Cudie on the reverse, accompanied by a modern transcription (DC-PL/A/1/6/3)

Transcription of 19th Century translation by Marjorie Ellis, edited by Gary Edwards.

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DC-PL/A/1/6/1 and DC-PL/A/1/6/2
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