Photos of Lagland Street School

The originals of these photographs are on display in the Skinner Street United Reformed Church, Poole.

A short introduction to the photos outlines the historical significance of the site, and further reading for those interested in the early history of England's educational system, which arose from Sunday Schools. (This site was the location of one of the oldest known Sunday Schools in England.)

Photos of Lagland Street British School.pdfPhotos of Lagland Street British School.pdf110.2 KB
Photo of British Boys School_Lagland St_1_Resized.jpgPhoto of British Boys School_Lagland St_1_Resized.jpg139.92 KB
1877_Photo of Lower Schl Room_Lagland St_1_Resized.jpg1877_Photo of Lower Schl Room_Lagland St_1_Resized.jpg144.93 KB
1877_Photo of Upper Schl Room_Lagland St_1_Resized.jpg1877_Photo of Upper Schl Room_Lagland St_1_Resized.jpg139.29 KB


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