Vignettes of Three Congregationalist Poole Pastors

This record contains photographs of three notable Congregationalist Poole Pastors, with a short introduction about each.

The original photographs are on display in the Skinner Street United Reformed Church, along with that of more recent ministers of the Church.


Fact file
Three Congregationalist Poole Pastors.pdfThree Congregationalist Poole Pastors.pdf186.2 KB
Photo of John Wesley Snr_Resized.JPGPhoto of John Wesley Snr_Resized.JPG174.14 KB
Photo of Edw Ashburner_Resized.JPGPhoto of Edw Ashburner_Resized.JPG176.47 KB
Photo of Thos Durant_Resized.JPGPhoto of Thos Durant_Resized.JPG163.72 KB


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