Patey Memorial

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Patey Memorial photographed in Canford Church, June 2015

Information included:

.Also to the memory of
Lieut Commander Russell Patey R.N.
The beloved eldest son of the above G E Patey and L his wife. He fell a victim to arduous duties on the coast of Africa at The island of Ascenssion ( Where he lies Buried) on the 4th of March 1852 in the 35th year of his useful life and the 22nd of constant active service in most parts of the World, his last was rendered a few weeks before in Command of Her Majesty’s Steamer Bloodhound at the conquest of Lagos in which during the two days engagement his gallantry and talents were officially mentioned by the Commander in Chief as “BEYOND ALL PRAISE”
He possessed the noblest of natures ever humane and generous ,as brave and highly talented and most kind and affectionate in all the ties of life.
This tablet was erected by his sorrowing and afflicted widow
Augusta Ross Patey

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