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Summary of the brief Abstract of the Poole Case - 14 April 1760

This document had been prepared for a court case, following the ejection of Rev. Samuel Philipps and his supporters from the Great Presbyterian Meeting House, Hill Street, Poole in late 1759. However, the would-be plaintiffs later decided (as stated within the document) against going to court to resolve the dispute, guided by ‘Christian discretion’. It vividly reveals the acrimonious events that ended Rev. Philipps’ ministry, and the lengths to which the victorious Unitarian party went to permanently exclude the expelled Trinitarians. The fundamentally opposing theologies were at the root of the disagreement, although there may have been other factors too. SSCC

Unitarian Clergy - Chronological

A list of Unitarian clergy members, organised by date.

Unitarian Clergy A - Z

List of member of the Unitarian clergy, organised A - Z.