Shipping Movements

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Advert for Poole Wharves Ltd.

Advert for Poole Wharves Ltd.

Poole Wharfes Ltd. Shipping and Forwarding Agents, Warehouse & Wharfing Facilities. West Shore Wharf. Tel Poole 245. Port 0f Poole 1950's.

Thompson, Sir Peter Thompson’s letterbook

Sir Peter Thompson's letterbook for September 1760 to April 1764. Letterbooks are lists of original letters kept in chronological order. This one contains a wealth of extra information. He records: ships coming in and out of the Harbour and their skippers, the weather, lists of burgesses, an insight into local politics such as the contentious election of 1760, a perspective on the war with the French in Canada and other curious miscellaneous details. A photocopy of the original document is kept in Poole History Centre - transcribed by Museum volunteer Audrey Cox.