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Guest Memorial

Guest, Guest Memorial

Museum Ref No: Canmem2Guest
Guest Memorial photographed in Canford Church, June 2015 Information included: In Memory of Sir Josiah John Guest .Baronet of Dowlais in the County of Glamorgan. Lord of This Manor of Canford and Member of Parliament for the Borough of Merthyr-Tydvil who through an upright and honourable career by the exercise of skill energy and perseverance Placed himself at the head of a most important branch of British Industry He was born 2nd February 1785 at Dowlias where he died 26th November 1852 and where he lies buried leaving by his wife The Lady Charlotte Elizabeth Bertie only Daughter of Albemarle Ninth Earl of Lindsey five sons and five Daughters. Happy in his domestic life .prosperous in his Business .full of years and honours having had time and inclination to prepare for his latter end He died in the midst of his family and dependents Beloved Respected Universally Lamented Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth Yea Saith the Spirit that they may rest from their labours and their works do follow them This tablet and the eastern chancel window are dedicated to his memory by his Widow
Henning Memorial

Henning, Henning Memorial

Museum Ref No: Stjamem3henning
Henning Memorial photographed in St. James’ Church, Poole, September 2015 Information included: In Memory of Robert Henning Merchant; an Alderman of this Corporation; He was A generous and faithful Friend, A tender Husband, An indulgent Father, A Lover of his Country and a Friend of Mankind, He died May 30th 1757 aged 60. Here also lies Margaret his Wife who died February 17th 1736 aged 36, with George, Edward and Margaret three of their children. Margaret a Grandchild, Daughter of John and Mary Henning. This Monument was erected by John and Robert Henning the surviving Sons
John Montague Guest Memorial

J M Guest, John Montague Guest Memorial

Museum Ref No: Canmem3JMGuest
JM Guest Memorial photographed in Canford Church, June 2015 Information included: To the glory of God and in Lasting Memory of Montague John Guest M.P For Youghal 1869-1874 and for Wareham 1880-1885. 3rd son of Sir John and Lady Charlotte Guest. “Monty” Died suddenly at Sandringham when on a visit to his friend and King.Edward VII on His Majesty’s birthday November 9. 1909. This tablet is erected in Sorrow and in Love by his youngest sister Blanche Countess of Bessborough
Jolliffe Memorial

Jolliffe, Jolliffe Memorial

Museum Ref No: Stjamem6jolliffe
Jolliffe Memorial photographed in St. James’ Church, Poole, September 2015 Information included: Near this Place Lies The Body of Peter Jolliff Who in the Late Wars Signalised himself against the French with uncommon Courage And frequently revenged their Insolences towards the English By Captivity or Death. William the third In justice to the merit of so brave a man Rewarded his Services with a Commission and a medal of Gold George the first at his Accession to the Throne Gave him the Command of this Town in all Military Affairs. Thus having been distinguished by these two great Kings. He died in the 72nd Year of his Age On the 12th day of November 1730. He left several Children William the Youngest Caused this monument to be erected to his Memory on the 9th October 1737. In memory also of the above mentione’d William Jolliff (an alderman and a Merchant of this town) who died August the 7th 1762 aged 64 years and Elizabeth his wife who died January the 5th 1747/8 aged 45 years: whose bodies lie entombed near this place.
Rev Jolliffe

Jolliffe, Rev Jolliffe

Museum Ref No: Stjamem8Jolliffe
Jolliffe Memorial photographed in St. James’ Church, Poole, September 2015 Information included: Sacred to the memory of The Reverend Peter William Jolliffe. M A son of Peter Jolliffe Merchant And Alderman of this Town. He was born on the 3rd of February 1767 and died on the 21st February 1861 in his 95th year. This Monument is erected by the Friends and Parishioners of The Reverend Peter William Jolliffe for nearly Seventy Years The Beloved and Respected Pastor of the Town of Poole. He was a man of Child Like simplicity. Of unaffected courtesy Of unblemished reputation Of unbounded benevolence Of singular disinterestedness and afforded a bright example of a pious and consistent clergyman adorning the Doctrine of God his Saviour. “ God Forbid That I Should Glory Save In The Cross Of Our Lord Jesus Christ “ “ Which Hope We Have As An Anchor Of The Soul Sure And Steadfast “
Lester Memorial

Lester, Lester Memorial

Museum Ref No: Stjamem4Lester
Lester Memorial photographed in St. James’ Church, Poole, September 2015 Information included: In memory of Francis Lester Alderman of this Corporation who died July 8th 1738 Aged 70 Also Rachell his Wife who died January 21st 1768 Aged 85 with Francis, William, Sarah, Susannah and Rachell Five of their Children. Also John Lester Alderman of this Corporation and Son of the above Francis Lester who Died August 28th 1775 Aged 74. Also Elizabeth his wife, daughter of William Goldwire Esquire who died November 8th 1770 Aged 84. Also Isaac Lester Merchant Son of the above Francis Lester who died September 20th 1778 Aged 60. This Monument was erected by Benjamin and Sarah Lester the only Surviving Children. Sacred to the Memory of Benjamin Lester Alderman and Late Representative in Parliament for this Town who died 25th January 1802 Aged 78 Years. Also of Susannah his Wife who died 4th March 1798 aged 76 Years and Susannah their Daughter who died 14th February 1778 aged 21 Years.
Luff Memorial

Luff, Luff Memorial

Museum Ref No: Canmem4Luff
Luff Memorial photographed in Canford Church, June 2015 Information included: This Tablet is erected to the memory of John William Luff by the members of the Guest Family to whom he devoted the hearty service of an upright life for over 50 years. His high principles, cultivated tastes & refined mind won him a position of influence, the love of many & the esteem of all. Born May 1827,entered in 1843 the service of Sir J.J Guest BT,MP. Was many years land agent to Lord Wimborne of Canford,was Mayor of Blandford 1885 1886 1887 1888 Died June 1893 Buried at Canford. Well done Good and Faithful Servant.Enter thou into The Joy of Thy Lord Matt xxv .21
Masters Memorial

Masters, Masters Memorial

Museum Ref No: Stjamem5Masters
Masters Memorial photographed in St. James’ Church, Poole, September 2015 Information included: To the Memory of Mr John Masters Merchant of this Town Whose tender Affection to his Wife, Sincerity to his Friends, Liberality to the Poor and great Benevolence to All mankind rendered him Universally esteemed. This Monument was erected by his sorrowful Relict as a token of her Everlasting Love for him He died in London June 20th A.D.1755 In the 64th Year of his Age and lies buried near this place

Name Index

Originally a card index of family names and references compiled from various sources, now transformed by a Museum Volunteer into a single, searchable document. You can search the Name Index by opening it and using the 'Ctrl+F' find function. Many first names are abbreviated in the original sources, e.g. Chas for Charles, or Wm for William. The most common abbreviations are explained in the 'Name Index Help' document here. All the information that we have available was transcribed onto the cards and then onto this document - there are no further details held at the History Centre. It was initially compiled as an in-house tool for staff, so please contact us if you need help understanding the references and abbreviations. The 'Name Index Help' document here gives full versions of most of the abbreviations that are used, e.g. QSF = Quarter Sessions Felonies.
Patey Memorial

Patey, Patey Memorial

Museum Ref No: Canmem5Patey
Patey Memorial photographed in Canford Church, June 2015 Information included: .Also to the memory of Lieut Commander Russell Patey R.N. The beloved eldest son of the above G E Patey and L his wife. He fell a victim to arduous duties on the coast of Africa at The island of Ascenssion ( Where he lies Buried) on the 4th of March 1852 in the 35th year of his useful life and the 22nd of constant active service in most parts of the World, his last was rendered a few weeks before in Command of Her Majesty’s Steamer Bloodhound at the conquest of Lagos in which during the two days engagement his gallantry and talents were officially mentioned by the Commander in Chief as “BEYOND ALL PRAISE” He possessed the noblest of natures ever humane and generous ,as brave and highly talented and most kind and affectionate in all the ties of life. This tablet was erected by his sorrowing and afflicted widow Augusta Ross Patey