Poole Society of Friends Minute Books 1704 - 1765

This record contains transcriptions of the first four of seven Minute books of Poole's Society of Friends (Quakers) Meeting House, spanning 1704 to 1765. Once the remainder have been added, they will cover up to 1804.

Joan Goodwin, a Poole History Centre volunteer and a member of the local Quaker Meeting House, originally transcribed the Minute Books in the mid-1990s. They are being digitized by Kit Pearce, another volunteer, to reach a wider audience. Both transcriptions were made with the kind permission of the local Society of Friends. The Hampshire Record Office holds the originals, as well as in microform.

Births, deaths and marriages were not included in these Minutes (they can be found elsewhere on the internet) but there remains plenty of information to interest genealogists, as well as those interested in social and religious history. JG/KP

Fact file
PQ Min Book 1 - 1705-17.pdfPQ Min Book 1 - 1705-17.pdf1.16 MB
PQ Min Book 2 - 1718-48.pdfPQ Min Book 2 - 1718-48.pdf1.09 MB
PQ Min Book 3- 1748-56.pdfPQ Min Book 3- 1748-56.pdf821.02 KB
PQ Min Book 4- 1756-65.pdfPQ Min Book 4- 1756-65.pdf971.74 KB


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