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Summary of the brief Abstract of the Poole Case - 14 April 1760

This document had been prepared for a court case, following the ejection of Rev. Samuel Philipps and his supporters from the Great Presbyterian Meeting House, Hill Street, Poole in late 1759. However, the would-be plaintiffs later decided (as stated within the document) against going to court to resolve the dispute, guided by ‘Christian discretion’. It vividly reveals the acrimonious events that ended Rev. Philipps’ ministry, and the lengths to which the victorious Unitarian party went to permanently exclude the expelled Trinitarians. The fundamentally opposing theologies were at the root of the disagreement, although there may have been other factors too. SSCC

Swetland, Ann Swetland Bequest 1822

Museum Ref No: BEAM_0074
Will of Mrs Ann Swetland, dated 13.9.1822. Bequests for bread for the poor and "keeping the Meeting House in proper repair." Transcript. JPBC

Taverner, Master of the "Thomas and Robert" Drowned, 1747

Transcription of extract from Salisbury Journal 12th January 1747 reads: "The "Thomas and Robert", Taverner, from Newfoundland for Poole, is taken by the French and carried into Brest. The master was unhappily washed overboard and drowned."

Thompson, Sir Peter Thompson’s letterbook

Sir Peter Thompson's letterbook for September 1760 to April 1764. Letterbooks are lists of original letters kept in chronological order. This one contains a wealth of extra information. He records: ships coming in and out of the Harbour and their skippers, the weather, lists of burgesses, an insight into local politics such as the contentious election of 1760, a perspective on the war with the French in Canada and other curious miscellaneous details. A photocopy of the original document is kept in Poole History Centre - transcribed by Museum volunteer Audrey Cox.
Tito Memorial

Tito, Tito Memorial

Museum Ref No: Stjamem11tito
Tito Memorial photographed in St. James’ Church, Poole, September 2015 Information included: In Memory of George Tito Esq. Merchant of this Town and Elizabeth his Wife. She Died 4th of August 1767 Aged 60.He died 23rd of October 1774 Aged 70. Also Elizabeth Brice their Daughter Wife of Edward Brice Esq.who died 11th of October 1761Aged 31. this Monument was Erected by George Tito Brice sole Surviving Son of the above Edward and Elizabeth Brice

Ward, Memorial

Museum Ref No: PEP 0485
Memorial to 305608 Private H. Ward of the Tank Corps, who died on the 26th May 1918, age 22. Poole Cemetery. Photograph P. E. Parker.
Willett Willett Memorial

Willett Willett, Willett Willett Memorial

Museum Ref No: Canmem8WillettWillett
Willet Willet Memorial photographed in Canford Church, June 2015 Information included: Sacred to the memory of John Willett Willett of Merly House in this County Esquire F.R.S. S.A.S. who Departed this life September the 26th 1813 Aged 71
Willett Memorial

Willett, Willett Memorial

Museum Ref No: Canmem7Willett
Willet Memorial photographed in Canford Church, June 2015 Information included: Annabella Willett Uxor Rodolphi Willett de Merly Cefsit fatis 10th Dec 1779 Etat 61 Oradraginta annis in amore mutuo. Et in dies crefeente feliciter exactis. Quid luges Conviva fatur Cede Cedo Lubens; Ens Entium miferere noftrum Rudolphus Willet Armiger obiit 13th Jan 1795 Etat 75